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The most important part of a successful commercial move is an efficient, affordable, and sustainable plan that covers every step of the process. With Commercial Works, this is precisely what you get; our team has 50 years of experience crafting and implementing strategies that cover everything from decommission & packing to warehousing & moving. Let Charlotte’s top commercial moving company handle your next big move so you can focus on your business. See why so many other companies trust Commercial Works and then contact us for a quote, because we are ready to make your next move simpler than ever before!


When it comes to a commercial move, the focus is on the new space, but a thorough decommission of the old one is just as important. With a moving plan from Commercial Works, you can expect a complete decommissioning process that not only meets your contractual obligations with the property owner but maximizes reuse, reallocation, and recycling to save more money.



Why fill a new space with old furniture? The professional assembly and installation team at Commercial Works can have your new office furniture put together and ready to go for the big opening day. All of our expert builders are bonded, insured, and covered under worker’s compensation, so there is no risk to you. With 50 years of experience dealing with jobs of all sizes, you can count on our assembly team to coordinate and see your project through to perfection.

Commercial Moving
in Charlotte

Commercial Works is the leading commercial moving company in Charlotte, and with that comes a responsibility to deliver first-class service for every customer and every move. Our professional team and up-to-date fleet are ready to carry out your next workplace, commercial, or office relocation as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

In order to protect our clients’ property and promote sustainability, we only use the latest packing materials & techniques. Our plastic crate system does a better job at protecting equipment, and unlike cardboard boxes, we can use them over and over again. This packing method allows for a faster and more sustainable move, but if you prefer or your equipment requires a different method, we are happy to accommodate.

Warehouse & Storage
in Charlotte

With over half a million square feet of warehouse space, you can count on us for all of your warehouse & storage needs. Our team works hard to deploy your company’s property where and when you need it. Learn more or contact us for a quote on any of the following services.


  • Short Term storage
  • Long Term storage
  • Final Mile
  • Records
  • Electronics and Industrial Equipment
  • Hotel FF&E
  • Onsite storage containers (Smartbox)

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When it comes to commercial moving in Charlotte, the most important thing is to take the time to craft an efficient and sustainable plan for every step of the process. Commercial Works takes care of this for you and ensures your big commercial move is optimized to efficiently handle everything from decommission and packing to storage and relocation. See why so many Charlotte businesses trust Commercial Works for their commercial moving needs, and contact us for your quote!