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Commitment to Our Customers

It's the reason we are still flourishing after 40 years, and we strive to celebrate it every day.

Why do our customers value our partnership? If you ask, they will tell you it's their interaction with our team.

  • Our sales staff anticipating your needs.
  • Our designers inspiring your space, while reinforcing your culture and brand.
  • Our installers taking extra care of your furniture.
  • Our movers taking the initiative to even clean fingerprints off your work surface.
  • Our project managers crossing every t and dotting every i.
  • Our administrative staff making you the most important caller of the day.

That's the commitment we owe you - the best customer experience and a team who stands behind that promise!

We have all heard "the proof is in the pudding". Or is it? What if you didn't have to try the food to know whether it was good? How would you go about doing that?

Let us help you understand how we help our customers. Our commitment to them, will mirror our commitment to YOU. Their success stories, will become YOUR success stories.

Prime AE

Are you considering merging several office locations into one? The actual physical move is the easy part. When Prime AE decided to consolidate two locations into a single offfice, we listened, planned, and patiently worked through all the details.

They were looking for a very specific furniture aesthetic, that was value priced and all completed in a compressed timeline. Our project team worked together to create a vibrant office space.

  • Space Planning
  • Design Services
  • Project Management
  • Furniture Installation
  • Relocation
  • Signage
Prime AE Prime AE Prime AE Prime AE Prime AE

"Our decision to work with Commercial Works was initially based on our meetings with Kevin McCreary and the experienced design team, but the choice was confirmed during the entire project by each and every member of your organization. It is clear Commercial Works provides a superior level of customer service. The excellent service levels were experienced with every touch point we had there: Larry Booth, Todd Hartman, Kevin McCreary, and Stephanie Burklo. Without hesitation, I would recommend Commercial Works." - Jodie Bare, Chief Operating Officer

Newark Fire Department

The Newark Fire Department aquired land for a new fire station to help resolve size, space and volume issues. Protecting the stations 50-year history of excellence along with their furniture and artifacts during the move was of the utmost importance. As one of the busiest fire stations in the state, planning for an efficient relocation was critical. Attending weekly build meetings for 6 months prior to the move helped to identify any potential issues.

Our project manager tracked all equipment and timelines on a spreadsheet so that every member of the team remained informed during the process. From moving a 5,400lb air compressor to taking apart a treadmill from top to bottom, we worked with project engineers and contractors to ensure the project stayed on target and within the timeline established.

  • Professional Services
  • Space Planning & Design Services
  • Furniture Specification
  • New Furniture
  • Project Management
  • Staged Relocation Process
Newark Fire Department Newark Fire Department Newark Fire Department Newark Fire Department

"There were a lot of moving parts that needed to come together to make the Fire Station a successful project. I am most proud of the relationships we built with everyone from the Mayor and Fire Chief to all the contractors. It was this cooperation that allowed us to work together to keep the fire department operational from the planning stage until the final piece of furniture was put in place." - Gina Ruffner, Senior Project Manager

Hampton Inn

The updated look at the Hampton creates an inviting atmosphere for the guests. We completed a 7 phase, 4 floor renovation while guests were still staying in the hotel. Timing and communication were critical. We received/inventoried all FF&E, placed furniture according to drawings, installed headboards and nightstands into the walls. Placed all new mattresses, lighting and TV's. All product was received by Commercial Works warehouse personnel. Our project coordinator managed the inventory and studied the drawings to determine timing and placement. Working in conjunction with CWI's onsite project manager, our coordinator scheduled delivery and resource requirements for every phase. Each block of 20-22 rooms had a tight installation schedule of 2-3 days completion due to room reservations.

  • Project Management
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery
  • Inventory Control
  • FF&E Installation
  • Clean/Vacuum
Hampton Inn Hampton Inn Hampton Inn Hampton Inn Hampton Inn

"As Project Manager for General Contracting Partners, it has been my pleasure to work with Commercial Works. The team members are exceptional communicators from the early stages of preparation till the final walk through. For me to be the go between for ownership groups and managers during construction projects, communication is imperative. Commercial Works understands the demands of working inside an occupied hotel." - Jenna Berri, Project Manager

Genesis Hospital

The consolidation of Good Samaritan and Bethesda Hospital along with a $200M addition, required proper planning and coordination to insure patient safety and minimal business disruption. A move path was developed for each department and reviewed with all team members.

Commercial Works used Windfall Asset Management to document, report, and track all new equipment ($10M) from receiving to delivery and installation in the hospital. Relocated 30+ Depts. - 6 operating rooms, 12 PACU Bays, Behavioral Health, Cancer Services, OB areas, Ortho Neuro, Pediatrics, Central Sterile, GMG Admin, Heart & Vascular Clinic, ICN, Trauma Srvs. Created an equipment staging area to avoid cross contamination and wiped down/prepared equipment for the new OR. Followed all standards of care: sterile environment, quiet zones, HIPAA, patient & family respect. Worked around strict schedules of patient care.

  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Receiving & Delivery
  • Decommission
  • Inventory & Relocation Management
  • Equipment Verification & Gap Analysis Support
Genesis Hospital Genesis Hospital Genesis Hospital Genesis Hospital

"We had a great experience with you all. I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone that!" - Lori B. Parrish, MBA Director of Revenue Cycle Genesis Physician Services


Biocryst wanted a smart office design that would attract and retain great talent, accommodate collaboration and facilitate mobility. Comfortable, mobile furniture with a contemporary design were two of the requirements.

Commercial Works and BioCryst worked together on custom colors, finishes and furniture that would create a fresh, open space. The Domo sofa with a writable whiteboard back panel and Speakeasy tables with whiteboard tops were unique design elements incorported to encourage team-based work.

  • Project Management
  • Design Services
  • Furniture Installation
  • Furniture Specification
  • Space Planning
Biocryst Biocryst Biocryst Biocryst

"I can't say enough about the excellent relationship BioCryst Pharmaceuticals has established with Commercial Works. Since the beginning of association in 2007, right up to our recent office renovation in 2014/15 they have provided outstanding service, saving us thousands of dollars on furniture while facilitating seamless office relocations and other services. They are an excellent company and I highly recommend their service to anyone who asks." - Bobette Anderson, Executive Assistant

Columbus Dispatch

In business, while change is constant the details can be unpredictable. Relocating The Columbus Dispatch, from the newspaper’s home for 90 years, required an enormous amount of pre-move planning to ensure a smooth transition.

The Dispatch depended on our team to put a plan together that would minimize disruptions during working hours and keep their operations running throughout the project. A Commercial Works senior level designer and project manager were designated to work closely with the Director of Engineering/Maintenance Facilities for the Dispatch.

  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Decommission
  • Space Planning & Design Services
  • Relocation Management
Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch Columbus Dispatch

"It was a real pleasure to work with such a professional team, during our relocation of The Dispatch's Newsroom from one facility to another. Each time we hit an obstacle during the process the CW team was there offering solutions. This was a six week move in process and the CW team remained focused and professional during each move. I look forward to working with CW in the future." - Kevin George, Director of Engineering & Maintenance

Mister Quik

Mister Quik, a heating, air conditioning, and home solutions provider, wanted to increase capacity and update to a more open, collaborative office style. Starting with floor plans, Commercial Works design team developed an open space plan and furniture recommendations that maximized the space. Once the style of furniture was selected, our Indianapolis Designer was able to assist the client with fabric and finish selections that met their vision. This comprehensive furniture project touched all areas of the facility. Commercial Works design team worked closely with the client to develop a color palete and select paint, carpet, trim, fabrics and finishes.

  • Space Planning & Design Services
  • Paint/Carpet/Trim/Fabrics/Finishes Selection
  • Furniture Specification
  • Furniture Delivery/Installation
  • Project Management
Mister Quik Mister Quik Mister Quik Mister Quik

"I think everything looks great! Thanks for all of your help." - Brad Huff, President

Commercial Works

Is your office dim and old-fashioned? That was the story of our corporate headquarters in Columbus, OH. The goal of our office remodel was to replace the dark and outdated workspace with a new, fresh and inviting look. Prior to remodel, our office had individual, isolated private offices. Now, we have an open collaborative and teaming environment with low workspace walls and a vibrant, colorful look.

Using AIS systems furniture and HPFi lounge seating, we were able to create a fun, collaborative environment with a modern/contemporary look. Our in-house design and furniture team managed the entire remodel from picking the carpet and paint to deciding where to place stations and tables.

  • Space Planning & Design Services
  • Paint/Carpet/Trim/Fabrics/Finishes Selection
  • Furniture Specification
  • Furniture Installation
  • Sound Masking Installation
Commercial Works Commercial Works Commercial Works Commercial Works Commercial Works Commercial Works

"Commercial Works really stepped up their game with their office remodel. Not only is it a more upbeat place for employees to be every day, but it also doubles as a showroom for their current and potential customers. Their modern, contemporary look is exactly what customers are wanting today in their own offices." –Bob McCartney, AIS Territory Manager