Case Studies


Ohio Wesleyan

Delaware, OH

Project Requirement

Commercial Works and Ohio Wesleyan University have maintained a business relationship for nearly a decade providing labor assistance and furniture solutions. In 2020, Commercial Works was tasked with the cleanout and storage of goods for the renovation of Smith Hall, which included the removal of furniture and fixtures from hundreds of dorm rooms as well as the complete commercial kitchen and dining hall prior to demolition.

With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and many Ohio Wesleyan Students being displaced and separated from their belongings in March of 2020 as they were forced to move home, Commercial Works coordinated a response website to ship or store the students’ belongings during this time.

Commercial Works created unique solutions to ease the stress of this challenging situation. Working together with Resident Life, Commercial Works created a response website for students and families that enabled them to request their belongings be stored or shipped home ahead of the coming school year. Ultimately, Commercial Works was able to assist over 500 students from multiple universities with collecting their belongings, and easing this transition.

Project Services

Warehouse Storage